Our Story

Founded in 2011 with the vision of being the go-to General Contractor, today we proudly provide general contracting and complete project planning and management to tech companies and leading corporations all across northern California.

Built on a principled foundation of honesty, service, and passion for building, we invest in having the most talented and experienced professionals who care about our clients’ goals and work hard to achieve them. We encourage our team to continuously challenge themselves to improve and develop their skills and knowledge.

Thanks to our management philosophy based on responsibility, accountability, and mutual respect, along with our relationship-based approach, we have completed more than 1,000 building projects to this day, with over 90% of them for repeat clients.

Vision Statement

To bring mindfulness practices that nurture partnerships, fostering fun, and creative enjoyment that fuels a passion for construction.

Over a decade & 1,000 + projects

Barron Values


We believe that person-to- person interaction is at the heart of engagement. Every Barron Builders employee conduct is based on a shared belief about the importance of good, respectful communication for our business to succeed and strive.


Our team’s strength lies in our combined expertise and ability to trust each other. Our best work is not produced by individuals but by a group of experts that support each other. And this extends to our clients, as we approach every business relationship as a partnership.


At Barron Builders, we live up to our commitments. We work extra hard to accomplish our responsibilities and meet our deadlines and our clients’ expectations, no matter the size or scope of a project.

Act with urgency

To act with urgency, or be efficient, is vital to the success of Baron Builders. We believe in operational excellence and creating value for our clients from pre-construction to project completion.

Continuous Improvement

We make an ongoing effort to improve all elements of our company, processes, and above all, services. We believe a steady stream of improvement, diligently executed, has transformation results.

Passion for Building

If anything, each team member at Barron Builders loves what they do and is constantly looking for ways to improve to deliver better results. Passion impels us to evolve to provide better services and holds our standards high.

Compassion & Empathy

At Barron Builders, we focus on listening attentively. This path leads us to build a compassionate and empathetic team, ultimately allowing us to foster stronger bonds with one another and create meaningful connections with our clients.


We make an extra effort to make every member of the Barron Builders staff feel respected, supported, and valued. We strive to create a welcoming environment that embraces differences and offers respect, both in words and actions, to allow them to bring their authentic selves to our company.

Fairness, Honesty & Integrity

At Barron Builder, we met every job, every conversation, and every opportunity with honesty, always striving to do what’s right. Thanks to our employees’ individual integrity, we can uphold our reputation of being a business with strong moral principles and integrity.