For us, safety is a mindset. An effective safety program requires far more than a set of rules on a sign or checklists. We understand that for a safety program to be truly successful, each staff member must be highly trained. Not only to work safely but to think safely.

Every Barron Builders member undergoes extensive training, both in-house and through leading organizations, to keep their skills current, sharpen their judgment, and better manage safe job sites.

Our rigorous training system, thorough planning, diligent follow-through, and management have firmly established us as a leading General Contractor at the forefront of safety.

In fact, our outstanding safety program has received an A rating from ISNetworld, an international authority on safety and an industry leader in assessing and rating contractor safety programs. We have also been awarded for our exceptional program by the State Compensation Insurance Fund of California.

The Safety suite of services we provide include:

  • OSHA Training & Compliance
  • Site Specific Safety Planning
  • Site Safety Auditing
  • Safety Document
  • Management
  • Risk Management